Cutting-Edge Financial Technology

We are a financial research platform built from the ground up to leverage the latest advances in technology like Machine Learning and AI. We designed and built the platform from scratch to address the limitations of legacy financial data providers. Our motto is — Insights > Data!

What We Do

We are a provider of financial data and proprietary research for US publicly-traded companies and investment funds. Analyses powered by Fintuitive are used for investment research, security selection, asset-manager due-diligence and for purposes of formulating an investor-relations and investor-targeting strategy. Our analyses give our clients actionable insights and intelligence, rather than raw data.


Rohit Sood

Founder & President

Rohit brings 20 years of experience in financial services to Fintuitive. Rohit's experience spans investment banking, corporate finance, risk management and engineering.

As an investment banker, Rohit experienced, first-hand, the frustration of multiple financial data sources, voluminous raw data, yet a scarcity of actionable insights. Convinced that there was a better way to analyze data than spending long hours on a spreadsheet, Rohit set out to build Fintuitive.

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Our Guiding Principles

In everything that we build, any analysis that we perform for our clients, we are guided by the following precepts:

1. Insights, Not Just Data

We will provide our clients with insights they can use, not just volumes of raw data that is difficult to process. Our engine will abstract out data processing and supply users with a finished product.


2. Intuitive

We will endeavor to make our work product intuitive and easy to use. We will strive to answer difficult, but intuitive questions that users of data will ask. We will build features in our product only if we can do so.


3. Actionable

Our work product should be incrementally useful to our users and the insights we deliver should be actionable. Our work product should be usable by our users as-is, without any more processing on their part.