IR Intelligence

Engage better with current and prospective investors by understanding your institutional shareholder base and getting actionable insights on investors’ investment strategies, analysis of buy and sell decisions, and trends in investment strategy.
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A Must-Have for Smarter Investor Relations

We provide proprietary insights by analyzing investment strategies for a large universe of investment funds over time, including analyzing the characteristics of each fund's underlying holdings. We guarantee that you will work smarter and better with our proprietary look-through, look-back, time-series analysis.

Investor Base Analysis

Understand the composition of your investor base and how it has changed over time. Learn about investment strategies of your investors.


Unique Investor Insights

Analyze the characteristics of each investor's holdings. Understand their investment characteristics and how your company fits in their portfolio.


Peer Benchmarking

Compare your institutional shareholder base with peers with respect to industry, size, etc. Compare trends with peers and the general market.


Investor Targeting

Target new institutional investors that are the right fit based on their investment strategy and your company's unique characteristics.



No need to process raw data on spreadsheets. Our reports are boardroom-ready to present actionable insights to senior management and board.


Comprehensive Data

Our data comprise all Form13F filers and US public companies. Our analyses contain a full look-through, look-back analysis of these investor portfolios.