Financial Research

Leverage our proprietary technology architecture to perform financial research that uncovers high-value patterns, relationships and trends. We have invested the time, money and effort in designing a data platform that you can use to your advantage.
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Bespoke Financial Research

If your primary analytical tool is limited to spreadsheets that process raw, third-party financial data, we can help. We perform custom financial research using cutting-edge analytical tools that leverage our proprietary database designed to support machine learning and complex analytics. No technical knowledge required — you state the business problem and we solve it for you.

Wide Data Coverage

Our database covers millions of documents for US publicly-traded companies and investment managers, and is updated in real time.


Complex Analytics

Our proprietary data architecture supports machine learning and sophisticated analysis of financial data — on the cloud, not in spreadsheets.


Ready-to-Use Results

From individual equity research to custom portfolio analytics, we provide the end-product with little to no work required on your part.


Range of Use Cases

From targeted equity research to investment targeting to portfolio simulations — the flexibility of the platform is able to deliver tailored solutions.


Machine Learning / AI

Get sophisticated research abilities without your own investment in technology. Achieve best-in-class standards faster by leveraging our platform.


Batteries Included

Our entire infrastructure is built on and delivered via the cloud, so you can be up and running in about as long as it takes for you to register and log in.