Who Uses Fintuitive?

We believe that most analysts are unable to draw meaningful conclusions, despite having access to ever-increasing amounts of raw data. We solve this problem by using automated data analysis and machine-learning tools to provide our clients with intuitive and meaningful insights. Our clients are teams that want these actionable insights, rather than more data.

Investor Relations

Detailed investor base analysis to better understand and target institutional investors.

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Portfolio Managers

Investment due diligence by funds of funds, institutional investors, wealth managers, etc.

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Financial Analysts

Customized research services using computerized analysis of financial statements.

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Financial Data Insights

You have questions you want answered to aid you in your investment decision-making. But you do not have the data-processing capabilities to get the answers. So, we get you the answers with no work required on your part. You focus on the decision-making, we focus on the data processing.

Actionable Insights

We distill vast amounts of financial and securities data to arrive at intuitive, meaningful and actionable insights for our clients.


Smarter Decisions

We combine data from different sources that are intuitively interrelated, to bring research and intelligence unavailable in traditional data sources.


Ready-to-Use Analyses

Skip the data processing. Don't spend days on spreadsheets with raw data. We provide you with the analyses, so you can do bigger, better things.

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Why Choose Fintuitive?

We do not keep data from different sources in silos. Instead, we map the interrelationships from different sources and datasets so you can get the insights you want.

1. Robust Data Coverage

Our proprietary database comprises millions of regulatory filings, combined with additional third-party data. Our automated systems download, extract, parse and analyze filings as they become available.


2. Machine-Learning Powered

We employ big-data analytical techniques and machine-learning algorithms on a proprietary database to uncover insights and relationships not visible in traditional data sources.


3. Plug-and-Play

Zero hassles set-up. No IT integrations. No software installation or updates. Just open your browser, log in, and you are ready to go. All analyses are delivered, on demand and over the internet.