Portfolio Management

Get detailed look-through, look-back analysis of asset managers and investment funds, their investment styles and trends, and how they stack up with peers and the overall market. Easily perform portfolio simulations for investment scenarios.
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Investment Portfolios...Analyzed!

Whether you are fund-of-funds, a pension fund, an endowment or another portfolio manager that invests in other funds, you have questions about the funds you are looking to invest in. Is the actual investment strategy consistent with stated strategy? How has the strategy changed over time? How does the strategy compare to other investment managers or the general market?
We provide you with these answers and much more.

Investment Style Analysis

Understand a fund's investment style and how actual investments conform to stated strategy. Evaluate evolution of investment strategy over time.


Factor Analysis

Analyze and benchmark the underlying exposure of the investment strategy to market factors like value, size, momentum, quality etc.


Side-by-Side Comparisons

Easily compare funds for strategies, investments and factor exposures over time. Understand investment profiles relative to market.


Portfolio Simulations

Evaluate what-if scenarios with customizable portfolio simulations. Calculate investment overlap and combined risk/factor exposure.


Investment Trends

Learn about investment trends in a broad universe of funds and how they affect your portfolio. Stay abreast of the latest market trends.


Custom Portfolio Analyses

Have questions beyond our extensive ready-to-use analyses? We can provide you with customized solutions, tailored to your individual needs.